Koh Lanta

Beautiful beaches

Koh Lanta draws many tourists today because of the wonderful scenery , serenity and above all the beautiful beaches. Klong Dao Beach is popular for their families because it is shallow and thus safe for children. Long Beach with its wonderful tropical nature draws more young people today who likes more simple accommodations and relaxing nature . Other beaches on Koh Lanta are very calm and those choosing these shores want total peace and quiet, smaller hotels and deserted beaches.

Cozy and romantic

At Koh Lanta you can during the day find many beautiful places for cozy and romantic getaways , but also evenings are wonderful. Along the beaches there are a large number of cozy restaurants that light up your life with candles. After dinner, there are some bars on the beaches, where you can grab a drink , sit barefoot and listen to the music. Don’t forget to experience the tranquility of the morning and take a morning walk before breakfast and before the sun comes up.

Hotels in all price ranges

Lanta offers hotels in most price ranges , from small bungalows facilities to larger hotels with large swimming pools and spas. Unlike many hotels in Krabi , Phuket and other tourist places in Thailand , many hotels here accommodations for the whole family, where rooms can accommodate more than three people.


There are a lot of things to do on Koh Lanta if you get tired of the beach life . The old town is a nice destination , as well as elephant trekking, snorkeling and diving. There are also cooking classes and more fun to find.